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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives
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Competition Winners

1999-2000 Technical Publications Competition Winners

STC WDCB 1999-2000 Technical Publications Competition Best of Show EmblemSTC WDCB 1999-2000 Technical Publications Competition winner's emblem

Congratulations to all the winners in the STC Washington, DC - Metro Baltimore Chapter Online Communication, Technical Art, and Technical Publications competitions!

Technical Publications Statistics Award Breakdown
Total entries: 97
Total award winners: 79
Distinguished: 12 (includes 1 Best of Show)
Excellence: 15
Merit: 28
Achievement: 24

Winners of the Distinguished Technical Communication Award go on to the International Technical Publication Competition (ITPC). Winners of the ITPC are presented at the Annual Conference in May.
A gold star marks the winning entries in the International Competition.

Entry title Contributors Company
Best of Show
Ballistic Missile Defense Organization 1998 Technology Applications Report gold star Lisa Hylton
Pat Hartary
National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC) - Washington Operations
Distinguished Technical Communication
Ballistic Missile Defense Organization 1998 Technology Applications Report gold star Lisa Hylton
Pat Hartary
National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC) - Washington Operations
Getting Started with SMAdmin, Release 1.0 Susan McGuire
Kathy Hawkins
FileTek, Inc.
Group 1 Software ListManager User's Guide gold star Rebecca Dinerman
Prateeti Punja Ballal
Eric Weitzel
Group 1 Software
Lupus: A Patient Care Guide for Nurses and Other Health Professionals gold star Ray Fleming NIAMS
MAC® 5000 Resting ECG Analysis System Operator's Manual gold star Debra M. Wagner GE Marquette Medical Systems
Oceanic Modernization Service Elizabeth Reed
A. Paul Clousse
Curtice Lewis
Postal Explorer Users Guide gold star Anne Emmerth
Patrick S. McCabe
United States Postal Service
RightFAX 7.0 Administrator's Guide Drew Peckham AVT Corporation
StorHouse System Administrator's Guide, Release 5.2 gold star Susan McGuire
Sandy Cornfeld
Kathy Hawkins
FileTek, Inc.
USDA National Canine Operations Manual John L. Patterson
Dawn A. Wade
Rebecca L. Frasure
Beverly Gordon
U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command Guidebook for Oil Pollution Abatement Systems on Surface Ships Harold W. Hofstad
Donald White
Lawrence Gallagher
Sam Smith
James River Technical Communications
Writing and Organizing Readable Documentation (WORD) gold star Joy Powell
Elaine McNeary
Anne Hagerty Smith
Inter-National Research Institute, Inc.
1999 Rebuild America National Forum D&R International, Ltd.
Kittner Design
U.S. Department of Energy—Rebuild America Program
D&R International, Ltd.
3COM USB Network Interface Installation Guide & Reference Guide Kate Tuck 3COM
ARINC 1998 Annual Report Sheryl R. Sieracki
David Sattler
Raymond M. Glennon
Bentley Systems, PlantSpace P&ID User Course Guide Tony Cleveland
Paul Snizek
Dorothea White
Bentley Systems, Inc.
ENERGY STAR Buildings Commercial Real Estate Program Marketing Brochure Deborah Cloutier
Deborah Eckbreth
ICF Consulting
Feature Article: "A throbbing in the air" Elia T. Ben-Ari American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)
Low-Voltage Controlgear, Switchgear and Systems Controls and Distribution Michael Gieselman Siemens AG
BMDO Update Lisa Hylton
Pat Hartary
Lan Crickman
National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC) - Washington Operations
"NOTES", the WJHU Newsletter Alice J. Becker
Carol Harper, WJHU
Gary Levine
Ann Grillo
Howard Korn
Eli Renn
Dan Curry
Office of Industrial Technologies Brochure Louis J. Sousa Department of Energy
Publication 95, Quick Service Guide Patrick S. McCabe United States Postal Service
Set of Information Source Module (ISM) Guides-Categorizer ISM Guide and Costing ISM Guide Lina Scorza
Lee Yee
XACCT Technologies
StorHouse SQL Quick Reference Sherri Andersen
Sandy Cornfeld
Kathy Hawkins
FileTek, Inc.
TREEV 2000™ Installation and Configuration Guide Amy Poos
Heli Roosild
Peny Lang
Versatile, flexible, robust-35B4 membrane keyboards Ludmila Stupp Siemens AG
3RG7 Opto-BERO Optical Proximity Switches Stefanie Griesheimer Siemens AG
AQueView™ Quickstart Kit Maggie Friedrich Lucent Technologies
Catch the Spirit Newsletter Cara Stockham
Mary Beth Hebert
Lucent Technologies
CenterStage/Extended for StorageTek Tape Library David DePerro Softworks, Inc.
DataTREEV™ Getting Started Guide Amy Poos TREEV, Inc.
HomePath® Adviser User's Guide Andrea G. Kenner Fannie Mae
Life Technologies: Capabilities Brochure and Inserts Tina Martin Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
Life Technologies: Gateway Cloning Technology Flyer Tina Martin Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
Life Technologies: Gene Discovery Services Ad Campaign Tina Martin Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
Micros Systems, Inc. 3400 Setup Guide Wendy A. Super Micros Systems
Network Modeling News Susan J. Grodsky
John Porter
David M. Taylor
New Photoelectric Proximity Switches Stefanie Griesheimer Siemens AG
The OIT Times Newsletter Louis J. Sousa Department of Energy
Online Media Room Guided Tour Kit Bigler
Andrew Lefko
James Stolp
PacketStar™ PSAX 2300 Promotional Materials Norma Emery
Cara Stockham
Majorie Daheuille
Lucent Technologies
P$YCLE Marketer's Guide Suzanne Larkins Claritas, Inc.
Physician Scheduler 4.0 Administrator's Guide Mitch Duvall MSI Software
PRIZM Cluster Snapshots Suzanne Larkins Claritas, Inc.
PSAX 2300 Product Information Kit Lynn Gandy
Judy O'Neill
Lucent Technologies
Publication 49, Preparing Standard Mail Anne M. Emmerth
Robert McVeary
Super-bright LED's for Command and Signalling Devices Dagmar Erhardt Siemens AG
SIGUARD 3RG785 Safety Edges Dagmar Erhardt, Roland Pürner Siemens AG
SIGUARD 8WD Signalling Devices: Modular Connectivity Dagmar Erhardt, Roland Pürner Siemens AG
SIGUARD 3RG781 Light Curtains-Always on the safe side Roland Pürner Siemens AG
SIGNUM Metallic 35B3 Catalog 1999 Dagmar Erhardt Siemens AG
Tracker 99 User's Manual, Version 1.4 Kathleen Burke Yoshida FGM Inc.
Ultrasonic Proximity Switches Sonar-BERO for All Applications Karl Heinz Gauglitz
Stefan Lechner
Siemens AG
XACCT Interface Server User Guide Lina Scorza
Lee Yee
XACCT Technologies
35B1 Pushbutton Units and Indicator Lights Dagmar Erhardt Siemens AG
8WA1-8WA2 Terminal Blocks Hiltrud Theiss
Veronika Racek
Siemens AG
ADC Teledata ClearAccess System Description Debbie Pulver
Yaniv Nir
ADC Teledata
Airway Facilities FY98 Performance Report Ellen Claire Roth
Michael Porcaro
American Nurses Publishing 1999 Publications Catalog Ronald Taylor
Rosanne O'Connor
Carole Hope Goodman
American Nurses Association
BioScience, the Journal of the American Institute of Biological Sciences Richard T. O'Grady
Rebecca Chasan
American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)
Compass Applications Guide Suzanne Larkins
Leda Farbstein
Claritas, Inc.
Control Your Internet Publication: Design & Style Cheryl L. Dwyer
Tammy Hale
Angela Weber
eBuddy User Manual Stephen D. Murphy  
E-ssentials: The Georgetown Student Guide to Campus Technology Christopher Davis
Jill Hollingsworth
Daniel Krebs
Richard Avramenko
Michael Buchsteiner
David Hagen
Chris Megill
Mark Jakobs
Bonnie Tyler
Lorenzo Williams
Monica Williams
Georgetown University
Examining Richard Selzer's "Liver" Ronald J. Nelson James Madison University
Glass Project Fact Sheet Series Julianne Trabucchi Energetics, Inc.
IBM PGA TOUR Player Laptop Program User Guide Judith S. Kreger
Gerald Pyle
Japanese Beetle Program Manual Robert A. Schall
Roz Prince
Locamation Industrial Computer Products Manual Patricia R. Bergsma Locamation B.V.
Managed Services Methodology Kit Bigler
Lauren Anthone
Lisa Yantiss
James Stolp
PacketStar™ Route Server Module User's Guide Daree Allen Lucent Technologies
Printing with Physician Scheduler 4.0 Mitch Duvall MSI Software
The RWD Technology Report Newsletter Tony Caruso
Cindy Tolson
RWD Technologies
SIGNUM 36B3 Metallic Command Devices Dagmar Erhardt Siemens AG
The SIGNUM 3SB3 Twin Pushbutton Unit Dagmar Erhardt Siemens AG
SIGNUM 3SE3 position switches with separate actuators Roland Pürner Siemens AG
SIMATIC ET 200S: 80% less wiring, 50% more space Andreas Thomas
Renate Urasoi
Siemens AG
SIRIUS 3RN1 Thermistor Protection Relays: A Heat Shield for Any Application Rudolf Pels Siemens AG
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